Catholic Divorce Survival Program

The Catholic’s DIVORCE SURVIVAL Guide DVD Parish Program: Why I started the CDSG; How it’s different from DivorceCare; Who the experts are and why; How the parish program operates; What the Parish Kit includes; Cost to the parish and participants; How it can be used with Beginning Experience and other ministries; Who makes the best facilitators; How to recruit the best facilitators; Parish and diocesan events that are available.

PDCC Date: Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sweet Flyer | Divorce Survival Guide Call

Rose Sweet

Rose Sweet is a Catholic author, teacher and motivational speaker whose messages offer real solutions for people with real problems. Her teaching is firmly rooted in the spiritual treasures found in Scripture and Sacred Tradition. Rose understands firsthand the challenges of marriage, divorce, remarriage, parenting, adoption, blended families, singlehood, dating and even how to get along with those pesky people at the office. Rose serves as Director of the Catholic Divorce Survival Guide, remains active in parish ministries, and is a member in good standing of the Catholic Society of Evangelists. Rose has written A Woman’s Guide: Healing the Heartbreak of Divorce, to help women (and men!) grow past the pain and find the Love of their lives. Her accompanying devotional, Healing the Divorced Heart is a perfect pocket-sized prescription.