Overcoming Pornography and Other Unhealthy Behaviors

There is a way out! It’s not by sheer willpower. It’s not by amassing more information. There are a lot of programs that offer information about pornography and recovery. But no amount of information, no matter how good it is, can accomplish huge changes in behaviors because they are habitual. Science is telling us that a new approach targeting brain systems that are responsible for habit and addiction is needed.

This presentation will offer new insights on such an effort that is being called the brain science of change that has been tested and proven with thousands of struggling individuals worldwide. This was developed by a team of leading researchers, scientists, psychologists and electronic learning technicians who have expertise in mental health, addiction recovery, neuroscience, and online technology. They have now partnered with Catholic scholars, theologians, therapists and family life ministers to create the cutting edge, Catholic RECLAiM Sexual Health Recovery Program. Learn more from presenters, Bruce and Jeannie Hannemann, as they also share their own pornography recovery story and the RECLAiM resource.

PDCC Date: June 21, 2012

Hannemann Flyer | RECLAIM Brochure

Bruce Hannemann, M.A. and Jeannie Hannemann, M.A.

Bruce Hannemann, M.A. and Jeannie Hannemann, M.A. are best known to NACFLM members as the founders and directors of Elizabeth Ministry International. They have been married for 37 years and are blessed to be enjoying the grandparent stage of life! They both received Masters Degrees from Regis University in Adult Christian Community Development. Bruce taught science at the college level and Jeannie was a parish family life minister.

They are dynamic speakers known for their unique way of bridging science and religion as the “Mad Scientist and the Church Lady.” They are qualified to speak on the topic of pornography addiction from not only a professional background, but from their own lived experience. At the request of Bishop David Ricken, from their Diocese of Green Bay, they were instrumental in the collaboration of scientists, psychologists, researchers and Catholic scholars to create a state of the art online recovery program, for individuals struggling with pornography and other unhealthy sexual behaviors, called RECLAIM Sexual Health.

They have shared their personal story of pornography and recovery in the press, on television and on radio with a desire to encourage others to seek help in overcoming porn addiction and offer hope for healing marriages. (Learn more www.reclaimsexualhealth.com)