Christ Alive in Our Marriage Retreat

Lauren Gaffey and Becky Eldredge where they will present “Christ Alive in Our Marriage Retreat.”

Young adults are hungry for a connection to God and to one another.  Using the gifts of Ignatian Spirituality, Charis Ministries’ retreats offer young adults the opportunity to see where God is at work in their lives through peer reflections, small groups, silence, and prayer.  Becky and Lauren will share some insights about the importance of retreats for young adults, with a special emphasis on the new Christ Alive in Our Marriage Retreat.

The Marriage Retreat, written specifically for young couples in their early years of marriage, offers the opportunity for continued reflection on the role of faith and God in their relationships after the wedding ceremony as they navigate the first few years of marriage.  Couples ask themselves:

  • How is Christ alive in each other?
  • How is Christ alive on our journey?
  • How is Christ alive in prayer?
  • How do we make Christ alive in the world?

PDCC Date: June 20, 2013

Downloads: Gaffey – Eldridge PDCC Flyer | Gaffey – Eldridge Call