National Marriage Week: What worked well, and how we can plan ahead!

Jason Lillis will lead the discussion, “National Marriage Week: What worked well, and how we can plan ahead!”.

A facilitated conversation around National Marriage Week with fellow Family Life Ministers across North America. It’ll be chance for each of us to share our ideas, learn from one another, and look ahead to next year’s National Marriage Week. We’ll gather to pray for our Church, for married couples, for each other, and talk about a few questions to help us all prepare for further marriage support and enrichment through our ministry. Think ahead of how you might answer each of the questions below.

  • What worked well in your Diocese / church this year during National Marriage Week?
  • What ideas were did not appear to be as well received?
  • What additional resources would you like to see in place to support you in your ministry to prepare for National Marriage week next year?

See Flyer for more details!

PDCC Date: February 20, 2014

Downloads: National Marriage Week Flyer | National Marriage Week Discussion