Pope Francis and the Family: Its Untold Theological Depths

Dave Thomas has been writing a book on Pope Francis and the Family. Largely a theological commentary on Amoris Laetitia. He has come to realize that most of the discussion of Amoris Laetitia fails to delve into its deep theological vision of family life. He discovered its depths by comparing his view with that of Vatican II and the writings of previous popes. While Pope Francis builds on these earlier sources, he adds a new theological foundation, that of the Trinitarian life of God. This addition makes his understanding of family life more spiritually profound and more theologically inclusive.

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Date of Call:  Thursday, 4/20/2017

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“Preparando Líderes para el V Encuentro en 2018” (Preparing Leaders for the V Encuentro in 2018)

Por favor, acompáñenos el jueves, 16 de marzo, para la Conferencia Telefónica de Desarrollo Profesional (NACFLM) cuando Mar Munoz-Visoso presentará “Preparando Líderes para el V Encuentro en 2018”
Please join us on Thursday, March 16th, for the NACFLM Professional Development Conference Call when Mar Munoz-Visoso will present “Preparing Leaders for the V Encuentro in 2018”

Fecha de la llamada telefónica: 3-16-2017
Date of Call:  Thursday, 3-16-2017

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