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Comprehensive Sex Education

Date/Time:  February 20, 2020 Description:  Implementation of comprehensive sexual health education in public schools, per the ‘California Healthy Youth Act’, is of concern to a growing number of Catholic families. This presentation will provide: 1) an understanding of the extent parents can legally supervise the sexual health education of their public school children in California, […]

Self Retreat: Let Your Heart Not Be Troubled

Date: January 16, 2020 Click here to listen to the call! Title:  Self Retreat: Let Your Heart Not Be Troubled Description:  “In the Conference Call Father Kirby will discuss how to surrender your will to God, deepening your faith, embrace the sacrament of the present moment and to recognize ordinary moments as opportunities to experience […]

Hope and Healing in the Midst of Fertility Struggles

Date of Call:  December 19, 2019 Click here for Call Recording  Description:  Marc and his wife Erin struggled with infertility for years, then unexpectedly found themselves pregnant after arranging to adopt.  Having heard many similar stories, he ended up researching factors that affect the emotional and psychological health of couples who struggle to conceive. From […]

Technology’s Impact on Relationships: How to Accompany Families Through this 21st Century Maze

Date of Call:   9/19/2019     Title:  Technology’s Impact on Relationships: How to Accompany Families Through this 21st Century Maze Technology and culture is changing at an unprecedented pace and it’s affecting how we relate with one another. Many families are unable to keep up and therefore find themselves reacting instead of being proactive. From screen addition […]

Familia: Cuna de la Iglesia, formadora de Discípulos Misioneros

El tema PDCC de agosto se presentará en español: “Familia: Cuna de la Iglesia, formadora de Discípulos Misioneros” Fecha / Hora: 22 de agosto de 2019 / 1:00 PM hora del este (EE.UU. y Canadá) Presentador: Alejandro Aguilera-Titus Vea el folleto adjunto para más información. ____________________________________ August PDCC Topic (will be presented in Spanish):  – […]

Mother/Daughter and Father/Son Programs

Mary Pat van Epps, Boppie5@att.net, and Ramie Samour, MTS, Ramiesamour@hotmail.com, presented Mother/Daughter and Father/Son Programs. Our sexually-saturated culture does not offer our young people frequent opportunities to hear about God’s perfect plan for masculine and feminine sexuality and sexual integrity. Mary Pat van Epps and Ramie Samour will present age-appropriate programs they have developed, carefully […]

Accompanying and Healing the Wounds of Adult Children of Divorce

Daniel Meola’s presentation teaches pastoral leaders how to be better attuned in their marriage ministries to the needs of adult children of divorce, and it provides different practical ways that leaders can minister to this group of individuals, especially to couples who are engaged or married. In particular, it addresses research, several common wounds, and […]

Transgender issues and Christian Anthropology

Deacon Patrick Lappert, MD is going to present the surgical side and Christian anthropology of gender identity. Time: April 25, 2019 1:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada) 4-25-19 Flyer | Slide Presentation  | 4-25-19 Call