Comprehensive Sex Education

Date/Time:  February 20, 2020

Description:  Implementation of comprehensive sexual health education in public schools, per the ‘California Healthy Youth Act’, is of concern to a growing number of Catholic families. This presentation will provide: 1) an understanding of the extent parents can legally supervise the sexual health education of their public school children in California, and 2) discuss ways the Church can empower parents to address this issue.

Raymond Burnell serves as the Director of Education the California Catholic Conference (CCC).  In this capacity, he leads, develops, and manages advocacy efforts on state and federal public policy issues related to the Conference’s education agenda. This agenda extends from early childhood development, through a students’ elementary and high school learning, and into opportunities for college and career technical education. Ray engages in direct as well as indirect lobbying, government relations, and public affairs in advocating legislative priorities.

Additionally he supervises and administrates related initiatives, events, and activities of the CCC and its affiliated organizations.

With his Master in Public Administration from Arizona State University, and a Master in Education from the University of San Francisco, Ray has thirty-five years of experience as an educator, educational leader, and education advocate. He began his work in education as a Catholic high school teacher, and then served eighteen years as both a Catholic elementary/Jr. high as well as high school principal. During his years of school administration, Ray served four years as an Assistant Secretary of Education with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops in Washington D.C.