Paradisus Dei helps couples (and families) discover the superabundance of God and places them on pathway to ongoing holiness.

This pathway emanates from couples’ formation, men’s formation, and programs for youth and young adults, and is supported through ongoing mentoring.

Paradisus Dei offers the following formation options: The Choice Wine: 7 Steps to a Superabundant Marriage, for married and engaged couples, as well as individual adults interested in marriage later on.  That Man is You!: A powerful men’s ministry focusing on man’s relationship with God, his spouse and his children, and helps to create a spiritual plan for life. Hope Undimmed: Engages older youth and young adults by presenting and answering the most pressing questions of the faith. Mother Daughter Retreat: an overnight retreat for mothers and their 8th grade through high school aged daughters that teaches sexuality within God’s design.  Live Events: Retreats, pilgrimages and one-day events offered to help people deepen their spirituality and live the 7 Steps.


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